Sample Daily Schedule

7:30 Free play with teacher involvement
8:30Opening - salutes, prayer, calendar, ABC's, numbers
8:50Restroom time/singing
9:20Bible story and memory work
9:30Seat work
10:30Restroom time/singing
11:15Lunch set up, learning cards, story time
12:05Prepare for nap
2:30Children up from nap and snack
3:00Free play
5:00Preschool Closed

Snacks and Lunch

For our morning-only students, snack is provided at 9 am, and lunch is provided at 11:30 am.  A second afternoon snack is provided for children who stay for nap at 2:45 pm.  Morning snack is fruit paired with crackers, or pretzels, etc.  Hot lunch includes two different vegetables, milk, a healthy main dish and fruit for dessert.  Afternoon snack is usually crackers of some sort. Check the school menu here.